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Bones: We hate 'cause we love
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This is a community for those of us who watch the show Bones. We used to love it and we still want to love it but we realise that the show is not what it once was and we need somewhere, where we can share our negative feelings without annoying the rest of the fandom (Positive feelings are welcome too).

Tired of Bones being written like it's a soap opera? Tired of Booth being one dimensional? Tired of Brennan being out of the lab? Don't want to watch another lame break up? Tired of all the 'short jokes' when TJ is on screen? Then this is the place for you!

This community is all in good fun. Flaming other members will not be tolerated. The storylines and characters on the other hand? Fair game, baby! We bitch cause we love.

(Although try not to bitch about TJ or Hodgins too much because the maintainer is obsessed with him and you'll hurt her feelings*)

*LOL the other maintainer loves Hodgins/TJ as well, but if you bitch about him, she'll probably get over it at some point... or you know. Ban you. JUST KIDDING!!!

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